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Do Not Let The Office Chair Quietly Ruin Your Health
Dec 12, 2015

Office chairs office furniture is an integral part, is also an essential part of our office a. Many manufacturers of products based on various reasons limit, when its products are often bought looks much the same, but in a year or so after use, giving rise to malfunction (such as pneumatic lift failure), tilt left and right seat body shake, screw loose and so on. Worse still, some low-Swiss products will be in the course of quietly destroy our health. So how do we choose to protect the health of office workers office chair is that we must understand.

(1) from the top of the seat surface in the end portion, the front portion to the rear to have a slope (1 ° is sufficient), can accelerate blood circulation thigh, so sit, stand and convenient operation. When the body is kept straight when sitting state, the gravity of the component will move forward the hips and thighs, but because of drag effects cushion, which can easily be offset by displacement;

(2) The armrest can be adjusted to the most suitable height can effectively reduce fatigue arms:

(3) The seat height can be adjusted, to ensure that the activities of leg space to relieve leg fatigue;

(4); length of the seat surface not more than 40 cm. In fact, since the upper part of the body on most of his weight ischial pressure in the pelvis, the length of the seat as long as 20 centimeters will be enough to sit up.

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